Worship Ministry

At Calvary Chapel Ark City it is our prayer that the body of Christ would encounter the living God in our worship services and gatherings throughout the week. Through the teaching of God’s Word, through corporate times of worship, and the encouraging fellowship with other believers, we pray that Jesus would be both known and made known.


More specifically, in the worship ministry we hope to facilitate an engaging environment of worship where every believer can express their praise and thanksgiving to God in a reverent yet rejoicing atmosphere.


We believe that praise is an appropriate and Biblical response of someone who has been saved by the grace of God and transformed by the Spirit of God (Heb 13:15, 2 Cor 4:18). We also believe that Christ-centered music is one of the unique ways we can express our praise to God with one voice.


As a ministry, we are always looking for those who have that heart to see Jesus glorified in our corporate gatherings and have a gift to be able to do that through the avenue of music.


As a general rule, we’re looking for those who are both spiritually mature and musically capable, and we prayerfully consider each person that applies.


That said, we realize that even among musicians who are believers there are many different gifts, skill sets, and callings represented. Some have the skill but don’t sense God calling them to serve in the music ministry. Others sense a call but don’t necessarily have the developed skill to be able to serve at this time. We are looking for those who both sense that call and have the developed skill to effectively serve in that calling.


We are not sure where you are in your spiritual growth and musical maturity, but if you believe the Lord is leading you to serve in worship ministry in some capacity we would love to hear from you, get to know you, and prayerfully consider your application.


If you believe that God has gifted you musically to serve the body of Christ in the worship ministry here at CCAC, you can start that process by filling out the form below. Thank you for applying and we look forward to serving with you!

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